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Nokta Legend Detector with Gold Field Mode


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The Nokta Legend Gold Detector, made for the challenging African goldfields, boasts precision and unparalleled adaptability with its Gold Field Mode. Key features include 40kHz frequency for detecting even tiny gold nuggets, maximum sensitivity with 30 adjustable levels, iron discrimination, IP68 – waterproof down to 3 meters, a 20-hour built-in rechargeable battery, ergonomic design for all-day comfort, and a built-in LED flashlight for gold scanning in a mineshaft or after dark.

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Nokta Legend Detector with Gold Field Mode

Mining gold in areas like Zimbabwe, Zambia, and other parts of Africa demands precision, sensitivity, and the ability to adapt to highly mineralized grounds. In these environments, gold prospectors and miners often encounter many challenges that can make the detection of gold nuggets, both large and small, quite difficult. This is where the Nokta Legend with its unique Gold Field Mode with an operating frequency of 40kHz, excels.

Nokta Legend Gold Detector with gold field mode
Nokta Legend Gold Detector with gold field mode


Goldfield Mode – For enhanced Gold Detection:

The Goldfield mode is a game-changer, tailor-made for the challenging terrains of African goldfields. The mode is fine-tuned for optimal performance on mineralized goldfields, and, together with another unique feature benefiting gold detection, the continuous background threshold tone ensures that even the smallest gold nugget is detected.

40kHz Gold Frequency – The Gold Nugget Finder:

Gold nuggets, especially the smaller ones, respond best to higher frequencies. At 40kHz, the Nokta Legend Gold Detector becomes incredibly adept at pinpointing even the tiniest of nuggets. This frequency allows the gold scanner to detect low conductive targets such as gold, making it an unparalleled detector for gold prospecting in Africa.

Maximum Sensitivity:

Sensitivity is paramount in gold detection. In Zimbabwe, Zambia, and other gold-rich areas in Southern Africa, the terrain can vary drastically, making adjustable sensitivity a necessity. With 30 levels to choose from, the Nokta Legend with Gold Field Mode ensures that users can maximize depth detection while minimizing ambient electromagnetic interferences. By maintaining the sensitivity at the highest comfortable level, users can ensure they don’t miss out on deeper, smaller targets – a significant advantage in gold-rich terrains.

Adapting to Mineralized Environments:

Highly mineralized grounds, common in African goldfields, often confuse gold detectors, leading to false signals. By adjusting the threshold level, users can ensure they remain sensitive to the faint signals of tiny gold nuggets while filtering out misleading sounds. Keeping the threshold at a point where minor audio variations from targets can be discerned is crucial. Too low, and you risk missing out on deeper, smaller targets. Too high, and the device becomes overwhelmingly noisy.

Iron Discrimination – Skip the Iron, Find the Gold:

In the gold-rich fields of Africa, iron often falsely signals gold and delays prospectors. The Nokta Legend Gold Detector’s Iron Discrimination feature cleverly cancels out the iron. By blocking iron signals, it lets gold prospectors focus solely on potential gold nuggets and not waste time on digging iron. It’s not just about detecting; it’s about smart gold detecting.

Waterproof (IP68):

In places like Zimbabwe and Zambia seasonal heavy rains can stop gold scanning. But with the Nokta Legend Gold Detector’s waterproof feature, the hunt for gold doesn’t have to stop. Rated at IP68, this detector can function up to 3 meters underwater, making it fully operational even in the unpredictable weather patterns of Africa.

Built-in Long-Lasting Battery:

In the remote gold fields access to power can be a challenge. The Nokta Legend Gold Detector addresses this with its built-in rechargeable battery, providing 20 hours of detecting time. When it’s time to recharge, the flexibility of USB compatibility means it can be charged with a cellphone charger or even a power bank. Should the battery run flat, users can still continue detecting by connecting the detector to a power bank.

Carbon Fiber Construction:

The Nokta Legend Gold Detector sets itself apart with its middle and lower shafts made from carbon fiber. This gives the detector exceptional strength and ensures it remains incredibly lightweight. Coupled with its ergonomic design, prospectors can comfortably scan for hours.

Built-in Flashlight for Low-Light Detection:

The Nokta Legend Gold Detector comes equipped with an LED flashlight and backlit LCD. This ensures clear visibility, enabling miners to continue their gold detection in after dark or if detecting down mineshafts.

Vibration Alerts:

This is a unique feature that vibrates the detector, especially handy for signaling targets in noisy environments.

User Customization:

With 4 custom user profiles, every prospector can fine-tune the detector based on their personal preferences and save the program for future use.

Advanced Discrimination Settings:

With options like All Metal, Ferrous Off, and Custom Discrimination, users can block out unwanted targets including iron.

Firmware Updates:

With online updates, your device always has the latest features, ensuring it remains top-of-the-line.


    • Operating Frequencies: Multi(3), 4kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz, 40kHz
    • Audio Frequencies: 100Hz – 1200Hz Adjustable
    • Search Modes: 4 (Park / Field / Beach / Gold Field)
    • Custom User Profiles: 4
    • Audio Tones: 60
    • Tone Volume: Yes
    • Tone Break: Yes
    • Tone Frequency: Yes
    • Adjustable Threshold: Yes
    • Notch Filter: Yes
    • Ground Balance: Automatic / Manual / Tracking
    • Pinpoint: Yes
    • Frequency Shift: Yes
    • Noise Cancellation: Yes
    • Vibration: Yes
    • Sensitivity Setting: 30 Levels
    • Target ID: 01-60
    • Display: Custom LCD
    • Backlight: Yes
    • LED Flashlight: Yes
    • Weight: 1.3 kg
    • Length: 63cm – 132cm Adjustable
    • Battery: 5050mAh Lithium Polymer
    • Warranty: 3 Years


  • Nokta Legend Detector with Gold Field Mode
  • Waterproof DD Search Coil 30cm x 23cm(LG30) & Cover
  • USB Charging & Data Cable (USB charger not included – any phone charger can be used)
  • Headphones Adapter (6.3mm 1/4″)

For those serious about gold prospecting in Africa, the Nokta Legend Gold Detector with Gold Field Mode is more than just a detector, it enables you to make a living by finding gold nuggets. With its unique features, adaptability, and sensitivity, it stands out as the premier choice for gold detection.


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