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ASI Snake Gaiters for Sale in South Africa

Are you looking for an ASI Snake Gaiters for sale? At we have a wide range of ASI Snake Gaiters in order to cater for your budget and needs.

Our Original Snake Gaiters for metal detecting for sale are made in South Africa. As such they are much better priced and even more effective than some of our other imported models. They are not just for snake handlers if you spend time outdoors metal detecting, hiking or hunting, then these gaiters are a must to prevent a snake bite. One size fits all.

Our top selling ASI Snake Gaiters for Sale:

Our Original Snake Gaiters are made in South Africa and protect against snake bite, painful cacti needles, and other dangers while metal detecting in the wild outdoors. These are ideal for metal detectorists, hunters, birders and fly-fishermen. No Metal Detectors, hunter or outdoorsmen (or woman) should be without snake proof lower leg protection.

Not to be worn with tennis shoes or any other footwear that fangs can penetrate.

They offer protection from the ankle to just below the knee. Three adjustable Velcro straps make it a one size fits all.

  • Weight: 535 grams
  • Dimensions: 47cm x 33cm
  • These snake gaiters are manufactured from two layers, a Cordura Outer with a Novabelt in the middle.

    Our Original Snake Gaiters are tried and tested against South African snakes including Black Mamba, Forest Cobra, Snouted Cobra, Rinkhals and the Puff Adder that are known to penetrate thick protective clothing and other less inferior gaiters.

    Are you looking for ASI Snake Gaiters? See our range of ASI Snake Gaiters below and order online or contact us to discuss all your individual requirements with a ASI Snake Gaiter’s specialist that can help guide you towards choosing the ideal ASI Snake Gaiters for your budget and needs.

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