Eugene was introduced to metal detecting and relic hunting by his good friend Darren Cheek. Darren who detects with a Nokta Makro Simplex+ recommended the Simplex+ to Eugene based on its exceptional value compared to similar high-end detectors. “He was right”, says Eugene.

In his first month of metal detecting, Eugene says he spent a lot of time digging pull tabs before changing tactics. “I realized research and knowing what you want to dig, and where, is really important”, says Eugene.

On the afternoon of his remarkable find, Eugene went out scouting a new site and took no other detecting equipment besides his Simplex+ metal detector and a shovel. Eugene believes the British soldiers and Boers used the area he was scouting to move between the concentration camps and town. It was his first time at this site.

With his Nokta Makro Simplex+ at the ready, he first ground balanced and dropped the sensitivity down to 90. Eugene runs his Simplex+ on firmware version 2.77 using the standard 11″ round coil.

After an hour of scanning, he got a good solid signal ringing in at a VDI of 47-50. He just assumed it was another bullet casing that also rings in at these numbers. “If it weren’t for the Simplex+ pinpointing function, I most probably would have lost the target or given up”, says Eugene, who did not have his pinpointer with him.

To his amazement, Eugene unearthed a shiny gold coin, a Victoria, 1/2 Sovereign dated 1885! “It was an amazing feeling taking it out of the ground. Never have I seen anything so shiny before, and I knew right there, and then it was Gold”, says Eugene.

To Eugene, a massive congratulations on behalf of Nokta Makro South Africa and the team at Metal Detectors South Africa | #MDSA. May this not be your last, but may the memory last forever.

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