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  • Alcofind AF-20 Alcohol Breathalyser

    Alcofind AF-20 Alcohol Breathalyser


    The Alcofind AF-20 Alcohol Breathalyser is a great compact unit for general use and is excellent for personal testing. The unit provides high accuracy and performance due to the electrochemical fuel cell. It measures estimated BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) in human breath by means of an electrochemical fuel cell sensor; which is highly durable and provides accurate breath alcohol test results.

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  • Alcofind AF-100 Alcohol Breathalyser

    Alcofind AF-100 Alcohol Breathalyser


    The Alcofind AF-100 Alcohol Breathalyser has many user friendly features and is designed for use by Police at Traffic Roadblocks or Officers in various workplaces where the alcohol level of employees needs to be controlled with a quick test.

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