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  • NAM-19E Alcohol Breathalyzer

    Armas NAM-19E Alcohol Breathalyser


    The Armas NAM-19E Alcohol Breathalyser utilizes next-gen electrochemical fuel cell technology, ensuring precise and rapid alcohol detection suitable for various environments like workplaces, bars, and sports field entrances.

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  • NAM-19S Alcohol Breathalyzer

    Armas NAM-19S Alcohol Breathalyser


    Armas NAM-19S Alcohol Breathalyser: Superior design with a new generation electrochemical sensor. Evidence-class certification for utmost accuracy and reliability.

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  • Armas NAM-19 Alcohol Breathalyser


    Armas NAM-19 Alcohol Breathalyser: Equipped with a new generation electrochemical sensor for top-tier accuracy. Certified evidence class alcohol detection for professionals.

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Armas Breathalysers: Ensuring Safety with Precision in South Africa

Armas, a pioneering force in the realm of breath alcohol testing, has meticulously crafted a range of alcohol breathalysers tailored for various applications. Committed to global standards such as DOT/NHTSA, EN, and CE, their models serve both South Africa and the global markets, setting a gold standard in alcohol testing accuracy.

Professional and Personal Use Breathalysers

A special emphasis is on law enforcement with breathalysers like the Armas NAM-19 series. These devices are equipped to expedite police procedures, ensuring rapid and precise alcohol measurements during traffic controls and workplace safety checks. The Armas NAM-19E further extends this line-up, offering law enforcement more precision and flexibility.

For the individuals, Armas offers personal measurement breathalysers. These user-friendly devices empower individuals to gauge their alcohol levels post-consumption, promoting responsible decision-making especially around driving.

Innovations for Enhanced Safety

Armas’s groundbreaking Interlock Alcoholmeter stands out. Integrated with vehicle engines, it mandates drivers to confirm safe alcohol levels prior to driving, significantly enhancing road safety in South Africa.

Why Choose Armas?

  • High Performance: Armas alcohol testers, for both professional and personal use, guarantee quick, accurate results, ensuring safety on roads and in workplaces.
  • Durability: Built for heavy-duty, Armas devices are long-lasting, serving users for extended periods.
  • Broad Range: With specific models like Armas NAM-19, Armas NAM-19S, Armas NAM-19E, and their printer-inclusive counterparts, Armas meets a wide array of requirements.
  • User-Focused: Armas ensures a seamless user experience, making alcohol testing straightforward and efficient.

For South Africans keen on safety, the Armas range of alcohol breathalysers is the prime choice. Whether for professional accuracy in breath testing or personal safety measures, Armas delivers with unmatched precision. Secure South Africa’s roads with Armas. Shop the range today.