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  • Sale! Nokta Advantage Accessory PackageNokta Makro Advantage Accessory Package

    Nokta Advantage Accessory Package

    Original price was: R4,279.Current price is: R3,060.

    Take your metal detecting game to the next level with the Nokta Advantage Accessory Package, featuring everything you need for efficient, organized, and productive metal detecting. This accessory pack includes a waterproof pinpointer, a durable hand digger, a finds pouch with zippered pockets, a pinpointer leg holster for easy access, and a stylish cap for sun protection. Tailored for both beginners and pros, this package promises enhanced detecting efficiency.

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  • Sale! Nokta Makro Starter Accessory PackageNokta Makro Starter Accessory Package

    Nokta Starter Accessory Package

    Original price was: R2,000.Current price is: R1,099.

    The Nokta Starter Pack provides you with all the necessary metal detecting accessories offering unbeatable value compared to buying each accessory individually. Save now!

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  • Sale! Nokta Makro Adventure Accessory PackageNokta Makro Adventure Accessory Package

    Nokta Adventure Accessory Package

    Original price was: R4,330.Current price is: R3,279.

    The Nokta Makro Multi-Purpose Backpack is a must-have for every detectorist. The Nokta Makro Premium Shovel is made from stainless steel and features a T-handle and a wide footrest.

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