A question we often get asked: Are there any good places left to hunt?

As the metal detecting hobby has grown in South Africa many of the obvious places to detect have been over-hunted. But don’t despair there are still many places that have yet to be hunted and the latest metal detectors make it possible to find objects missed by older detectors.

Latest Metal Detecting Technology
Newer and better metal detectors are coming onto the market, replacing previous outdated models. They bring better metal detecting capabilities and features that make finding previously undetectable items now easier to find. This means you can now hunt in an area that would otherwise seem to have been hunted out and still find many hidden treasures.

Some examples of new metal detectors that are finding targets in already hunted out areas are the Minelab Equinox 800 and the Garrett AT Max metal detectors. These detectors are new on the market since 2018. Feedback from detectorists using the Minelab Equinox 800 is that they have great success finding silver targets in fields and on the beach. The Garrett AT Max seems to be doing well with picking out gold rings and jewellery in hunted out areas.

Metal Detecting on the Beach
If you are lucky enough to live close to the beach, that is a great place to find old gold, coins and jewellery. Because the sands on the beach are always shifting so too are the finds buried in these sands. The best beach finds are after a heavy storm when the sands have shifted, exposing the dark sand where you typically hit the best finds.

Underwater Metal Detecting
The newer metal detectors are now capable of being submerged, making it possible to detect under the water. Now you have underwater metal detectors which you can use to hunt in the waves where many swimmers lose their jewellery. Because detecting in the water and the waves is not that easy and because underwater metal detectors have previously not been readily available nor affordable, there is a great opportunity for excellent finds under the water.

Both the Minelab Equinox 800 and Garrett AT Max metal detectors are capable of underwater metal detecting down to 3 meters. These are the perfect underwater metal detectors. They are affordable and being new on the market as at 2018 / 2019 they have the latest and best technology and features available for metal detecting.

Researching Places to Detect
Taking time to research open areas that were previously inhabited or frequently visited in years gone are always good spots to go relic hunting. In South Africa you can search for the routes the Voortrekkers would take with their ox wagons. Stumbling across an area where they would frequently outspan will be rich with relics from the time of the Voortrekkers.

Don’t Give Up
Remember, nobody gets it all. Just because a spot has been frequently hunted does not mean you won’t find something special.

Good luck and happy metal detecting!

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