The Nokta Makro Midi Hoard is a waterproof metal detector that is perfect for children under 10 years old. Get your little one started on the path to discovering valuable items. This metal detector is easy to use and will provide your youngster with hours of fun outdoors. Metal detecting will help you get your children outdoors to enjoy hours of lots of fun, exercise, and learning. This hobby is always great for family activities.

The Nokta Makro Midi Hoard metal detector is the first waterproof metal detector made for kids aged 8 – 12+ years.

Now you can start them young with a lightweight, waterproof, and kid-friendly metal detector. Being collapsible it can be extended up or down to cater for younger or older kids for exactly the size that they need.

Don’t let the fact that this is a kids detector fool you. As with all Nokta Makro metal detectors they are packed with features and offer excellent value and the Nokta Makro Midi Hoard metal detector is no exception.

Going to the beach is so much fun for kids – and adults too! The wind and the waves along with the sun feel great as you are running around playing in the open air. Nothing instills a sense of adventures like hunting for valuable treasure which is why we look at the best metal detector like the midi hoard for kids metal detector to make for an exciting day while you are at the beach or park.

Using a metal detector outdoors keeps your children engaged in a fun, outdoor activity that is sure to create lasting memories that will bring a smile to their faces and yours for years to come. You never know what you are going to find as you search around for lost jewelry, coins, and so much more.

Metal detectors are very easy to use, especially the ones we look at like the midi hoard metal detector. It is a fun time and can turn into a hobby of a lifetime. Professional-grade metal detectors can be quite expensive, but that doesn’t have to stop you and kids from getting started with a reasonably priced metal detector like the midi hoard to enjoy time outside.

The Nokta Makro Midi Hoard finds and discriminates and pinpoints just like an adults Metal detector, it is not a toy that is for sure.

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