In the world of metal detecting, Eugene had a helpful guide in his friend Darren Cheek. Darren suggested the Nokta Simplex metal detector to Eugene, highlighting its standout performance when compared to other detectors. “He was right,” reflects Eugene on his experiences with the Simplex.

In the early stages of using the Simplex, Eugene admits that he spent considerable time unearthing pull tabs. He soon realized the importance of strategy.

Research is key when deciding what you want to find and where.


On the day of his remarkable discovery, Eugene was surveying a new site armed only with his Simplex metal detector and a shovel. The area he was exploring had reportedly been used by British soldiers and Boers as a passage between the concentration camps and the town during the time of the Anglo-Boer War. This was his inaugural visit to this site.

He started by ground balancing his Nokta Simplex and adjusting the sensitivity to 90. Eugene uses the standard 11″ round coil on his Simplex.

After an hour of scanning, he received a solid signal with a Visual Discrimination Indicator (VDI) between 47-50. Eugene initially assumed it was another bullet casing, which typically gives the same readings. However, the Simplex pinpointing function helped him stay focused.

Without the pinpointing feature, I might have lost the target or even abandoned the dig.


To his surprise, Eugene unearthed a shiny gold coin, a Victoria, 1/2 Sovereign, dated 1885. This particular coin was minted during Queen Victoria’s reign, an era marked by Britain’s expansive empire, which notably included South Africa. This likely explains the coin’s presence in South Africa, as British soldiers stationed there during the Anglo-Boer War may have brought these coins with them.

It was incredible to pull it out of the ground. I had never seen anything so shiny. I immediately knew I had found gold!

Simplex Finds Gold In South Africa
Simplex Finds Gold In South Africa

Eugene shares about the historical piece of currency that not only symbolises a piece of South Africa’s colonial past but also validates the Simplex’s prowess at finding gold in South Africa.

Our congratulations go to Eugene. While we hope this isn’t the last find, the memory of this Simplex finding gold in South Africa will undoubtedly last forever.

For those interested in embarking on their own metal detecting journey, we highly recommend the Nokta Simplex. It’s been our top-selling metal detector at Metal Detectors South Africa | MDSA™ since 2019. The recently released 2023 model of the Simplex Metal Detector offers superior performance with new features and an updated ergonomic design, further strengthening its place as a leader in the field. Available in 3 models: Simplex LITE, Simplex BT, Simplex ULTRA and Simplex ULTRA WHP. Your treasure hunting adventure is just a Simplex away!

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