XP DEUS 2 Software Update v1.0
XP DEUS 2 Firmware V1 Update

Revolutionizing Treasure Hunting

Hello, fellow treasure seekers! We’re excited to announce the much-awaited XP DEUS 2 firmware V1.0 update! XP Metal Detectors have listened to your feedback, worked tirelessly behind the scenes, and the result is an upgrade that takes your treasure hunting experience to new heights.

This comprehensive XP DEUS 2 Firmware V1 introduces a range of game-changing features and improvements designed to enhance the XP DEUS 2 Metal Detectors’ performance, usability, and overall functionality. Let’s dive into the details!


Now, you no longer need to excessively adjust the discrimination level to hear values like the ground or iron targets. The discrimination setting now serves as a “tone break,” with the Iron Volume setting controlling the volume of the iron targets and the ground. This allows you to hear the subtleties in your surroundings without sacrificing discrimination, making it easier to distinguish between different types of targets.


With this feature, you can shift the audio frequency to differentiate the first non-iron targets just above the Discrimination level from the iron targets. This results in a more intuitive and audibly rich detecting experience, enhancing your ability to pick up valuable items.

4. FREQUENCY MAX (MENU > FREQ MAX) – Master of Frequencies

This feature lets you limit the maximum high frequency in the multifrequency spectrum FMF. By reducing the Max Frequency, you can improve ground stability and enhance your ability to differentiate between iron and non-iron targets. This feature opens up new possibilities for treasure hunting in various soil conditions, including mineralized or iron-rich soils.

5. AUDIO FILTER (OPTION > AUDIO) – Crystal Clear Sounds

We’ve designed this feature to refine the audio output, providing smoother sounds and less instability. The right Audio Filter can provide a small increase in performance in different search areas, making it easier for you to identify potential finds.


This new audio type is clearer and richer in harmonic content than the SQUARE Audio Type. The result? You can better identify deep, quiet targets, potentially revealing treasures that were previously missed.

XP DEUS 2 Hi Square Tones
XP DEUS 2 Hi Square Tones – XP DEUS 2 Firmware V1

7. FASTER T.ID – Swift and Accurate

The target ID (T.ID) display now updates faster, reducing the chance of confusion between iron and non-iron targets. This means you can make quicker, more accurate decisions about whether to dig or move on.

8. FE T.ID (OPTION > CONFIG > ON/OFF) – Customize Your Display

This feature lets you choose whether to display the ID of iron targets. By focusing on non-iron targets, you can streamline your hunting process in iron-polluted environments.

9. SILENCER (DISCRI > EXPERT) – Silence the Distractions

The silencer is now more effective with eight levels from 0 to 7, making it easier to ignore challenging iron targets that show a high ID and produce high-pitched tones. This feature allows you to tune out unwanted noise and focus on promising signals.

10. Program 1-GENERAL – A Better Default

The default general program now uses 2 tones and the Big T.ID display mode. This program’s reactivity is slightly reduced, which means it offers more performance in general use, particularly on less polluted ground. This helps you find valuable treasures more effectively, even in the most challenging environments.

11. Multi Notch and Ground Menu Now Available on the WS6

The Multi-Notch and Ground menu, including its all-metal mode, are now available on the WS6 Master. This opens up a whole new world of customization and fine-tuning, helping you get the most out of your hunts, regardless of the conditions.


This exciting XP DEUS 2 firmware V1 update for the XP DEUS 2 Metal Detector is all about enhancing your experience and improving your success rate. With more control over audio cues, improved target identification, and increased customization, you’ll be able to fine-tune your device to match any treasure hunting environment.

Remember, the thrill of treasure hunting lies not just in the find but also in the search itself. And these updates are designed to make that search more intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable than ever before.

Head over to XP Metal Detectors for instructions on updating your XP DEUS 2 Metal Detector with the latest XP DEUS 2 firmware V1 update.

So, get out there with your updated XP DEUS 2 and uncover the treasures that await! Happy hunting!

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