Uncovering a Krugerrand Gold Coin is a testament to a metal detectorist’s skill and the capabilities of his metal detector. On a recent outing, beach detectorist Evert Phillipus, armed with his trusted Nokta Legend SMF Metal Detector, transformed a regular beach day in South Africa into an unforgettable treasure-hunting adventure filled with remarkable discoveries. Metal detecting has always been a game of patience and precision, and for Evert, it proved to be a day of significant finds.


Equipped with the Nokta Legend, a metal detector renowned for its Simultaneous Multi-Frequency technology, Evert set out to explore the beaches. Unlike relic hunting inland, beach detecting presents a set of challenges including wet, salty, and mineralized sands, and varying levels of sand compaction. The Nokta Legend, with its advanced technology, navigates through these hurdles, providing a quiet, stable, and deeper detection capability. This ensures a solid ID and clear tones for distinguishing good targets from bad ones, even when submerged in water or digging through compact sand.

Morning Triumph: The Platinum Ring

The day started with a remarkable find as Evert discovered a platinum ring in the morning. This was his first platinum find, and the joy was unmistakable. The day, however, had more in store.

Nokta Legend Platinum Ring Find
Nokta Legend Platinum Ring Find


In the afternoon, Evert was beach hunting along the tan line, the area where the wet sand transitions to dry, an ideal spot for detecting. A faint signal, with a solid 32 ID on his Nokta Legend, piqued his interest. Trusting the indication from his metal detector, he dug over a foot deep to uncover a 1983 South African Krugerrand gold coin. This coin, encased in a round frame, featured the emblem of a Springbok on one side and the bust of Paul Kruger on the other. The find was not only thrilling but also a testimony to the depth and precision the Nokta Legend provides to beach hunters.

Nokta Legend Krugerrand Gold Coin Metal Detector Find
Nokta Legend Krugerrand Gold Coin Metal Detector Find

Evert’s Reflections on the Nokta Legend

The legend hit the coin one foot deep on the tan line. It was just a whisper in the “pitch tone” program, and the solid 32 ID convinced me to dig.”

Krugerrand Gold Coin found with the Nokta Legend Metal Detector
Krugerrand Gold Coin found with the Nokta Legend Metal Detector

Delving into the Legacy of the Krugerrand

The Krugerrand holds a distinctive place in the annals of coinage, embodying both the rich history and the precious resources of South Africa. Minted for the first time on July 3, 1967, the inception of the Krugerrand was driven by an intent to market South African gold globally. This initiative was brought to fruition by the collaborative efforts of the Rand Refinery and the South African Mint.

The nomenclature of the Krugerrand is a tribute to a key figure in South African history, Paul Kruger, who served as the President of the South African Republic. Coupled with ‘rand’, which is the official South African currency, the name Krugerrand reflects a meld of historical reverence and monetary identity.

Constructed with a composition of 91.67% gold and 8.33% copper, the Krugerrand’s unique blend renders a distinct durability to the coin, safeguarding it from potential wear and tarnish. Weighing in at 33.93 grams (equivalent to 1.09 troy ounces), and with a thickness of 2.84 mm, the Krugerrand is a tangible representation of value with its essence rooted in a rich history. Its face value is unique as it is synonymous with 1 troy ounce of fine gold, a metric that underscores its intrinsic value.

The legacy of the Krugerrand continues to be minted today, with its inception dating back to 1967. Over the decades, it has not only served as a vehicle to promote South African gold but has also become a revered artifact, embodying a significant chapter of South Africa’s narrative.

The discovery of a 1983 Krugerrand by Evert Phillipus not only underscored the adept capabilities of the Nokta Legend in beach detecting but also brought to light a piece of history, evoking the rich narrative that each sweep of a metal detector holds the promise to unveil.

Source: Krugerrand Gold Coin Information

The Promise of Beach Detecting

Evert’s successful day at the beach is inspiring, shedding light on the possibilities that await both seasoned and aspiring metal detectorists. His story is a robust endorsement of the Nokta Legend SMF Metal Detector, emphasizing its growing popularity among the metal detecting community for beach hunting adventures.

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