There has been so much talk about the launch of XP’s new DEUS II Metal Detector, featuring a Fast Simultaneous Multi-Frequency technology, wireless everything, waterproof up to 20m, but how does it work? We break down the DEUS II features and programs to give you an idea of the endless relics and treasures this metal detector could lead you to.

Switching on your XP DEUS II, you will find the audio menu with the numerous audio options available. You can choose between wireless, remote control speaker, vibration, or wired. No more cutting your hunt short because of the weather; pair with the XP WS6 Backphones that are wireless, rainproof, light and foldable featuring its own menu and screen for use as the master control. Switch between the vibration and remote control speaker for a quiet or louder operation. The Bone-conduction headphones can be used with the wired option for underwater purposes, using vibration technology onto your inner ear instead of sound, freeing up your ears for earplugs. As a bonus, the BH-01 bone conduction headset can be used on land for ultra-silent operation, don’t give away your signals to your peers!

The XP DEUS II metal detector features 12 installed simultaneous multi-frequency default programs, 12 custom user-programmed slots or 49 single frequencies from 4 to 45 kHz. After you have selected your audio, you can scan through and select your desired program. See an in-depth breakdown of the modes and how to use them in our blog on the menu and program breakdown here.

The Fast Simultaneous Multi-Frequency technology paired with a low latency headset is one of the most significant features of this metal detector. XP has engineered one of the fastest low latency headphones to give the fastest audio results and, when combined with the SMF coils, instantly delivers the most accurate readings. So what are the advantages of fast multi-frequency? You can read a more in-depth blog on Simultaneous Multi-Frequency here, but it is addition and subtraction in layman’s terms. So you can use different frequency choices to add or eliminate targets or the ground. With soil conditions such as beach sand, you want to avoid picking up the minerals in the sand, so you want to use a setting that eliminates the interference to identify targets clearer. All this is made possible with simultaneous multi-frequency technology.

The XP DEUS was already packing a deep and powerful punch as a multi-frequency metal detector; fully wireless, ergonomic S Stem that collapses in 5 seconds, and the incredible lightweight construction. The XP DEUS II metal detector was built on these foundations and combined with groundbreaking technology to make this a world-leading underwater, Fast Simultaneous Multi-Frequency metal detector at a competitive price.

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